Choice of toast; white, whole wheat (rye add 0.50)

Three eggs any style, two slices of bacon, two sausages and two slices of ham. Served with home fries and toast 12.99

Three eggs any style, sliced Montreal smoked meat. Served with home fries and toast 13.99 

Three eggs any style and two french toast or Pancakes served with home fries 10.99

The Northway Skillet

Our famous home fries, fried onions, mushrooms and peppers, topped with two eggs, any style, cheddar cheese and hollandaise sauce 12.99
Add Bacon or Sausage to your Skillet 2.00

Home fries, bacon, sausage and ham, topped with two eggs, any style and hollandaise sauce 14.99

Steak & Eggs

8oz New York steak, three eggs any style, Served with home fries and toast 18.99

Three eggs, a choice of bacon, sausages or ham. Choice of pancake, french toast or waffle. Served with home fries, toast and baked beans 13.99

Three eggs served with home fries and toast 7.49

Three eggs, a choice of three slices of bacon or two sausages or two slices of ham. Served with home fries and toast 8.49 

Three eggs and two slices of peameal bacon. Served with home fries and toast 11.99

Three eggs and two plump Italian sausages. Served with home fries and toast 13.99

ADD Bananas & Hazelnut Chocolate 2.00

Made to order and served with butter and syrup 8.99. With whipped cream and berry topping 10.99

Three, served with butter and syrup. 8.99
With bacon or ham or sausage 10.99.
With peameal bacon 11.99

Three Chocolate Chip Pancakes

With whipped cream and chocolate sauce 10.99

Two poached eggs on an English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce, unless otherwise specified. Served with home fries.

Northway Benny

Pulled pork & cheddar cheese 13.99

Smoked Salmon Benny 

Enjoy for 14.99 

Smoked Meat Benny 

Enjoy for 13.99 

Enjoy for 12.99 

Enjoy for 12.99 

Enjoy for  14.99 


Served with home fries and toast (rye add 0.50) ADD cheese 1.50 / ADD Feta cheese 2.00

Tomatoes, onions, oregano. olives and feta 12.99

Smoked meat, Swiss cheese and onions 13.99

Mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and onions 11.99

Enjoy for 9.99 

Chopped ham and onions 10.99 

Bacon, mushrooms and cheese 11.99

Chorizo sausage, peppers and onions 12.99

Bacon, ham, sausage and cheese 13.99

For our guests 60+ years young!

Single Egg Benny 

One poached egg served on an English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with home fries 7.99  
With peameal bacon 10.99 - With ham 9.99

Served with home fries and one slice of toast
Cheese 7.99
Western 8.99
Mushroom & Cheese 8.99

Single Egg Classic Breakfast 

Home fries, one slice of toast and your choice of two bacon or two ham or two sausage 6.99

Egg Breakfast   

One egg, home fries and one slice of toast 5.99
Two eggs, home fries and two slices of toast 6.49

Seniors 10% OFF Senior Items
All Day Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

(Excluding Alcoholic Beverages & Specials)

Add home fries or fries 2.00

Home fries, cheese curds and hollandaise 8.99

Breakfast Club 

A triple decker, with a two egg western, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo 9.99

Two scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon, cheese, tomatoes and mayo. Wrapped in a flour tortilla. 7.99

Cheddar, Swiss, grilled tomatoes and onions 7.99 

Enjoy for 6.99

Enjoy for 5.99

Enjoy for 5.99

Enjoy for 5.99

Enjoy for 7.99

  • Side of Meat 4 Bacon / 4 Sausage / 3 Ham 4.99
  • Three Slices of Peameal 5.99
  • Italian Sausage 3.99
  • Side of Tomatoes 1.99
  • Toast & Jam (white, whole wheat) 1.99
  • Rye Toast & Jam 2.29
  • Home Fries 3.99
  • Side Gravy 1.50
  • Baked Beans 2.50
  • Extra Egg 1.25
  • Extra Cheese 1.50
  • Extra Hollandaise 1.25
  • One Extra Pancake 3.25
  • One Extra French Toast 3.25
  • Extra Syrup 1.00
  • Coffee / Tea 2.35
  • Specialty Teas 2.50
    Green, Earl Grey & more
  • Hot Chocolate with whipped cream 2.75 
  • Milk Sm 2.25 / Lg 3.50 
    Chocolate or White
  • Juice Sm 2.50 / Lg 3.90
    Apple, Orange
  • Pop 2.25
  • Iced Tea 2.75
  • Lemonade 2.75
  • Bottled Water 1.25